General Terms and Conditions

Date: February 2024

I. Scope of Application

(1) These General Terms and Conditions (GTC) are part of all contracts concluded between Crafins Studio and its clients (Client).

(2) The GTC apply exclusively. Deviating conditions of the Client are only valid if Crafins Studio expressly acknowledges them in writing.

II. Offer and Conclusion of Contract

(1) All offers by Crafins Studio are non-binding and subject to change.

(2) Contracts require written form. A written and legally signed order confirmation by Crafins Studio is sufficient. The return of an offer created by Crafins Studio and signed by the Client via fax, email, or letter is also sufficient and binding.

(3) Oral side agreements and changes to the contract require written confirmation to be valid.

III. Performance Creation

(1) During the execution of services, Crafins Studio will perform all Digital PR activities with the required diligence and strives to complete it within the time frame communicated to the Client.

(2) Crafins Studio will not collaborate with companies or individuals operating platforms with content that is illegal or immoral by German law. The Client assures that the content related to the Digital PR campaign does not violate any laws or morals as per German law.

(3) The Client assures that the Digital PR activities do not infringe upon third-party rights, including trademark rights.

(4) Crafins Studio is entitled to subcontract parts of the Digital PR activities if necessary.

(5) Crafins Studio is released from any obligation to achieve specific outcomes if there are intentional or unintentional changes by the Client or third parties that significantly alter the campaign conditions or the digital presence of the Client.

IV. General Rights and Obligations of Crafins Studio

(1) Crafins Studio will provide Digital PR services including media outreach, content creation, and public relations strategy as specified in the individual order.

(2) Crafins Studio’s obligation is limited to supporting the Client’s public relations and media strategy.

(3) Support measures may include media list creation, press release distribution, and advising on public relations strategies. The Client is obliged to review recommendations by Crafins Studio for their suitability and legality.

(4) Crafins Studio has no obligation beyond the consulting and support duties specified in these GTC or the offer/order.

(5) Crafins Studio is entitled to reference the Client using the company name and logo for marketing and sales purposes unless the Client objects in writing.

V. Rights and Obligations of Crafins Studio in Digital PR Contracts

(1) Crafins Studio will support the Client in developing and executing a Digital PR strategy, including media outreach and content distribution, against a fee.

(2) The goal is to increase the Client’s visibility and brand awareness through digital channels, leveraging media relations and content marketing. The success of specific outreach campaigns or placements is aimed for but not guaranteed.

(3) The creation of content for PR purposes, including press releases, articles, and social media posts, is a collaborative process with the Client providing necessary insights and approvals.

(4) The Client acknowledges that Digital PR is an ongoing process, and the impact of certain activities may only become visible over time. The effectiveness of Digital PR efforts depends on numerous factors, including media landscape dynamics and public interest.

(5) In the event of challenges affecting the planned PR outcomes, Crafins Studio will consult with the Client to adjust strategies and suggest alternative approaches for achieving objectives.

(6) If Crafins Studio is tasked with conducting media monitoring or analysis, recommendations will be provided on how to leverage opportunities or address potential issues in the media landscape.

(7) The Client is responsible for implementing the PR strategies and content suggestions unless otherwise agreed that Crafins Studio will handle specific implementations for an additional fee.

VI. Rights and Obligations of Crafins Studio in Content Creation Contracts

(1) Crafins Studio will assist the Client in creating content tailored to the Client’s Digital PR needs, including but not limited to press releases, blog posts, and social media content.

(2) The Client is aware that the effectiveness of content in achieving PR goals is influenced by the quality of the information provided by the Client and the current media landscape.

(3) The Client is responsible for the final approval of all content created by Crafins Studio before its distribution or publication.

(4) Crafins Studio strives to ensure that all content is in line with the Client’s brand message and PR objectives. However, the Client acknowledges that the final impact of content on the Client’s PR goals is subject to external factors beyond Crafins Studio’s control.