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What does it take to be a top Spotify artist? – Underlying Data

We recently teamed up with Skoove to dive deep into the world of Spotify’s top 1000 artists, and we’re excited to share some eye-opening findings. 
This study draws on diverse sources including ChartMasters, Wikidata, and extensive manual research, explores the demographics and backgrounds of these leading figures in the music industry.

Key highlights:
• Top musicians are mostly self-taught: Only 11% of the top performing American artists and 30% of UK artists had ever received regular, structured training from professional music teachers or instructors.

• Male artists dominate the platform: Analysis of the 1,000 most streamed bands and solo artists shows that just shy of 80% of them have male leads versus 20% female leads. In Latin music, a huge 91% of artists are male, dropping to 61% in pop. Gender representation is still sorely lacking.

• Rock stars are getting old: The average age for top musical artists is 40 years old. Hip hop artists have an average age of 33, while classical musicians average 57 years old. Rock has a heavier concentration of older artists: 45% of rock stars are over 50, compared with only 12% of pop stars.

• English rules, even in non-native English-speaking artists: About two of every three artists sing in English (64%), followed by Spanish (18%). 


Below you can see the underlying data from our study.

If you are interested in our full analysis take a look here .
If ou are interested on our deep dive on these artists music education go here (USA) or here (UK).

If you want to explore the data yourself, you can find it here below.

Link to the spreadsheet: 

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